Pro Bono Mentoring Panel

RMIAN’s Pro Bono Mentoring Panel is a group of extremely talented immigration attorneys who provide mentorship and guidance to RMIAN’s volunteer attorneys. Each Panel member serves for a two-year term.

RMIAN is extremely grateful for the support and dedication provided by the Pro Bono Mentoring Panel members.

2015-2017 Pro Bono Mentoring Panel:

Hans Meyer
The Meyer Law Office, PC

Nicole Murad
Murad & Murad, PC

Camila Palmer
Elkind Alterman Harston, PC

Koby Polaski
Elkind Alterman Harston, PC

Alyssa Reed
Reed Immigration

Kelly Ryan
Kelly Ryan Law, LLC

Katie Speer
Access Immigration

Emily Assunta White
Stern & Curray, LLC

Shelley Wittevrongel
Attorney at Law

Lisa York
York Law, LLC

Jennifer Casey
Kolko & Associates, PC

Tim Eirich
Grob & Eirich, LLC

Christina Fiflis
Fiflis Law, LLC

Paige Gardener
Gardener Immigration Law, PC

Katie Glynn
Grob & Eirich, LLC

Lisa Green
Lisa Green & Associates, PC

Seth Grob
Grob & Eirich, LLC

Aaron Hall
Joseph Law Firm, PC

Dave Harston
Elkind Alterman Harston, PC

Arnulfo Hernandez
Hernandez & Associates, PC

Kristin Knudson
Johnson Knudson, LLC

Jessica Kunevicius
The Law Office of Jessica Kunevicius, LLC