Children’s Program - Cases in Need of Pro Bono Attorneys

The following individuals are non-detained and in need of pro bono representation. For more information on non-detained cases please contact Children’s Program Pro Bono Coordinator Vanessa Saldivar at for more information.

YA: Libyan family of five seeking Asylum
Relief Sought: Asylum
Country of Origin: Libya
Language: Arabic
Next Hearing: Second Master Calendar Hearing (MCH)- May 23, 2019

YA is a 60-year-old man from Libya. He entered the United States in June 2008 on a student visa (F-1) with his wife and seven dependent children (F-2). Following the Libyan Revolution in 2011, YA became involved in a local organization supporting the efforts to oust Muammar Gaddafi. YA spoke out against Gaddafi and his regime on Fox 31 News about five months after the uprising and again at a large Muslim community event. Fearing retaliation in Libya, YA applied for asylum in July 2015 without counsel. He included his wife and his three minor (at the time) children in his application for asylum. His four other children, who were already over the age of 21, subsequently applied for asylum individually. YA had his asylum interview in January 2018 and he and his family were referred for removal proceedings. They are on the expedited family docket (FAMU) and had their first MCH in November. Their next MCH will be on May 23, 2019, and their merits hearing is currently scheduled for November 1, 2019. YA, his wife, and his three children need representation in removal proceedings and to apply for asylum before the Denver Immigration Court.