Children’s Program - Cases in Need of Pro Bono Attorneys

The following individuals are non-detained and in need of pro bono representation. For more information on non-detained cases please contact Children’s Program Pro Bono Coordinator Vanessa Saldivar at for more information.

Ms. DS and MY: Mother and daughter on expedited family unit docket eligible for multiple forms of relief

Relief Sought: T Visa, Asylum (also possible U visa and SIJS for child)
Country of Origin: Guatemala
Languages: Spanish and Kanjobal
Next MCH Hearings: 09/18/19 at 1 pm, 10/30/2019 at 1 pm
Merits Hearing: No later than June 23, 2020, exact date TBD.

Ms. DS is a 28-year-old woman from Guatemala who fled her home country with her 6-year old daughter, MY. In Guatemala, Ms. DS was subjected to frequent physical and sexual abuse over the course of her nine-year relationship with her daughter’s father. After attempting to leave her partner in early 2019, he continued to pursue Ms. DS and threaten her life. In March 2019, Ms. DS came to the U.S. after receiving an invitation from a man whom she had met previously in Guatemala. Shortly after arriving in the U.S. and moving in him, he began to abuse and threaten Ms. DD and subjected her to forced labor in his home. In July 2019, the man was arrested for beating Ms. DS and he remains incarcerated. Ms. DS requires representation to apply for asylum before the Denver Immigration Court before her third hearing on 10/30/2019. She also requires representation before USCIS to pursue a T Visa, and possibly a U Visa on account of being the victim of a severe form of human trafficking and the victim of domestic violence. MY is eligible to be a derivative on her mother’s applications and is independently eligible for SIJS due to having suffered abuse and neglect at the hands of her father in Guatemala.

MC: Abused and abandoned 17-year-old girl seeking protection from forced gang recruitment
Relief Sought: Special Immigrant Juvenile Status and Asylum
Country of Origin: El Salvador
Language: Spanish
Next Hearing: September 3, 2019, at 1:00 pm

MC is a 17-year-old girl from El Salvador. She is eligible for SIJS because she was abused and abandoned by her father. MC witnessed her mother suffer severe domestic violence at the hands of her father, who MC has not been in contact with since she was 10 years old. MC fled El Salvador because she was being stalked and sexually harassed by a member of a gang who demanded that she become his gang girlfriend. Before she left, he threatened to kill her if she didn't agree to his demands. MC entered the United States on November 9, 2018, and was placed in the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement before being released to her mother in Basalt. MC's mother is in the process of obtaining a custody order over MC, as well as a predicate order establishing MC's eligibility for SIJS, with the help of a pro bono family law attorney. MC is in removal proceedings and needs representation before the Denver Immigration Court to apply for asylum before November 9, 2019. She also needs representation before USCIS to apply for SIJS after the predicate order is entered.

Ms. MM: Family of five seeking protection from severe domestic violence
Relief Sought: Asylum, Withholding of Removal, and protection under CAT and SIJS
Country of Origin: Honduras
Language: Spanish
Next Hearing: Individual Asylum Hearing May 4, 2020 (Ms. MM and daughter); MCH 12/5/2019 (Son); MCH 9/11/2019 (daughter); MCH 9/4/2019 (daughter);

Ms. MM is a 41-year-old native and citizen of Honduras. She came to the United States with her now 15-year-old daughter in May 2015 to escape severe domestic violence at the hands of her partner. Ms. MM was physically and sexually assaulted regularly by her partner throughout their relationship. He would beat her and her children with tree branches and with his hands. He also threatened to kill her if she tried to leave him. Ms. MM reported the abuse to the police but they did nothing to protect her. Ms. MM filed her asylum application pro se and her final merits hearing is set for May 4, 2020, before IJ Trujillo.

In July 2017, Ms. MM's now 19-year-old son entered the United States alone. He is in removal proceedings before the Denver Immigration Court and his next MCH is on December 5, 2019, before IJ Gardzelewski.

In December 2018, Ms. MM's two teenage daughters entered the United States alone and were placed in removal proceedings before the Denver Immigration Court. Ms. MM's 13-year-old daughter has her next MCH on September 11, 2019, before IJ Kane. Ms. MM's 17-year-old daughter was ordered removed after she arrived late to her first MCH. RMIAN helped her file a Motion to Reopen and it was granted. Her first MCH will be on September 4, 2019, before IJ Trujillo.

Ms.MM and her children need representation before the Denver Immigration Court to consolidate their cases and at their final merits hearing. Ms. MM's four children are also eligible for SIJS based on abuse and abandonment by their father. They need representation before USCIS to apply for SIJS. RMIAN is referring the state court portion of the SIJS case to another organization. Ms. GJ's daughter will need representation before USCIS to apply for SIJS. If necessary, RMIAN could handle this portion of the case while a pro bono handles the asylum matter.