In 2018

RMIAN provided 223 “Know-Your-Rights” presentations to 2,687 adults in immigration detention in Colorado

RMIAN conducted 1,386 individual intakes with detained adults.

RMIAN conducted 26 pro se workshops in the immigration detention center, providing in-depth support to 179 individuals fighting their cases on their own.

RMIAN provided intensive individualized assistance to 390 detained adults.

RMIAN staff attorneys and volunteer attorneys represented 195 new detention cases.

RMIAN Children’s Program directly represented 370 children, conducted 472 intakes and consultations, and referred an additional 81 cases to pro bono attorneys.

RMIAN provided 89 community presentations and trainings to more than 5,724 community members.

RMIAN provided holistic support to 76 clients through the Social Service Project.

In 2018, volunteer attorneys dedicated approximately 8,440 hours to RMIAN and its clients, worth an estimated $1,700,000 of in-kind support. RMIAN would not be able to accomplish its mission without the ongoing support of its volunteer network.