RMIAN Cases in Need of Pro Bono Attorneys

Non-Detained Cases

(Please contact Vanessa at VSaldivar@RMIAN.org if you would like to accept an available case)

Mr. R: Son of police officer seeking asylum
Relief sought: Asylum
Country of origin: El Salvador
Language: Spanish
Next hearing: Second master calendar hearing – March 20, 2019 
Other important deadlines: One year deadline – April 20, 2019
Mr. R is an 18-year-old young man from El Salvador. He entered the United States alone in April of 2018 and was held in Office of Refugee Resettlement custody until May. Mr. R’s father was a well-known police officer in El Salvador who refused to cooperate with the gang in control of their area. Mr. R received repeated death threats by gang members on account of his father's refusal to cooperate with the gang and his own refusal to join the gang. 

Detained Cases

The following individuals are detained and in need of pro bono representation. For more information on detained cases please contact Jessica Burnett at jburnett@rmian.org.

Ms. BQ: 12-year resident who was held captive, beaten, and almost forced into prostitution in Gunnison, CO

Relief sought: Bond, with eligibility for a T visa, U visa, and asylum
Country of origin: Mexico
Language: Spanish

Next Hearing: Master Calendar Hearing on November 15, 2018

52-year-old woman from Mexico who has resided in the United States since entering without inspection in 2006. In 2006, Ms. BQ met a man while crossing the border who convinced her to move to Gunnison, CO with him. He proceeded to lock her in a trailer, beat her, and attempted to force her into prostitution. He threatened to harm Ms. BQ’s family if she escaped. Ms. BQ managed to escape and report the man to the police; Ms. BQ learned that her son in Mexico was stabbed soon after she escaped and she believes the incident is related. Ms. BQ requests assistance with her bond proceedings so that she may be released from detention and pursue a T (trafficking) visa and other forms of relief.

Mr. ML: 18-yr-old young man fleeing Nepal after being attacked by Maoists for supporting democratic political party
Relief Sought: Asylum, Withholding of Removal, CAT
Country of Origin: Nepal
Language: Nepali
Next Hearing: Master Calendar Hearing on November 21, 2018

18-year-old native of Nepal who entered the United States in September 2018 seeking asylum. In Nepal, Mr. ML was a member of the Nepali Congress political group and was attacked by Maoists on two separate occasions. On both occasions, he was beaten and threatened with death if he continued to support the Nepali Congress party. Mr. ML went into hiding after being knocked unconscious during the second attack and fled Nepal in July 2018. His family reports that Maoists continue to look for Mr. ML in Nepal. Mr. ML seeks assistance with his asylum claim before the immigration court.

Mr. MM: Beaten by police after submitting report to human rights agency regarding Nicaraguan police shooting at civilians during peaceful demonstration
Relief Sought: Asylum, Withholding of Removal, CAT
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Language: Spanish
Next Hearing: Individual Hearing on March 20, 2019

34-year-old native of Nicaragua who entered the United States in 2005 without inspection. He was previously married to a U.S. citizen but they are now divorced. Mr. MM is afraid to return to Nicaragua because he previously participated in protests against the government and was shot at by police. He filed a police report with a human rights agency and was subsequently targeted and beaten by the police. Mr. MM managed to flee and sought refuge here in the United States. He seeks pro bono assistance with his asylum claim before the immigration court because he fears he will be arrested and killed if forced to return to Nicaragua.