DACA Project

DACA Update:

RMIAN continues to closely follow any new developments in the litigation regarding DACA. On April 24, 2018 a federal judge issued a decision requiring USCIS to resume accepting initial applications for those who are eligible for DACA. However, the decision was put on hold for 90 days to allow the Trump Administration to defend its decision to terminate the program.

What does this mean for DACA applicants?

- USCIS continues to process renewal applications for those who currently have DACA or have had DACA in the past.

NO INITIAL REQUESTS are being accepted at the moment. Only DACA renewal requests are currently being accepted.

- If they have not already done so, all individuals should schedule a thorough consultation or immigration screening with a licensed immigration attorney. Those who believe they may be eligible for DACA, but have never had a DACA application approved, should consider gathering the necessary documentation and filing fees together. However, there is NO guarantee that USCIS will resume accepting initial applications at the end of the 90 day period.

Individuals who cannot afford a private attorney may contact the RMIAN's Children's Program for a free consultation by calling 303-433-2812. Individuals who can afford to are encouraged to consult with a licensed immigration attorney.