RMIAN Works to Ensure Justice at Denver International Airport Over the Weekend

In response to President Trump's Executive order banning refugees and immigrants from seven primarily Muslim countries, RMIAN Staff Members and Board Members worked with the Colorado Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association at Denver International Airport this past weekend in order to ensure that counsel was available to any travelers or family members who needed free legal support.

"Through the chaos of the harsh new policies and the uncertainty that they brought, it was encouraging to be a witness to the outpouring of both community and legal support that ignited over the weekend," said RMIAN Detention Program Managing Attorney Laura Lunn.

RMIAN is preparing for the profound and devastating impact that the Executive orders involving interior enforcement, border policies, immigration, and refugees will have on its work with immigrant children and detained adults throughout Colorado. Your support for RMIAN's work to ensure justice for all is needed now more than ever. If you are an attorney, please consider taking a pro bono case for a detained asylum seeker or for a child who will face complex immigration proceedings alone because they cannot afford a private attorney. The need for volunteer attorneys is enormous.

Please also consider supporting RMIAN by making a donation today. Your contribution will ensure that we continue to fulfill our values statement, "We believe that justice for immigrants means justice for all."

Additional coverage of the mobilization and demonstrations at the Denver International Airport over the weekend can be found on Denverite.com and The Denver Post

(Photo: Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)