RMIAN Responds to Executive Order and Continues Fighting for Families in Colorado

“The Executive Order signed today by the President trades one cruel policy for another, replacing family separation with prolonged family detention, and does nothing to address the nightmare that thousands of families remain separated, including here in Colorado,” said RMIAN’s Executive Director Mekela Goehring.

RMIAN’s attorneys and social workers are tirelessly advocating for the mothers and fathers being held in immigration detention in Colorado, working with over 50 parents who were callously separated from their children at the border, some as young as five years old. These parents’ testimonies are heart-wrenching. Some have spent weeks or months in detention without knowing where their children are and who is caring for them. One mother was told by officials that her son was being taken for a bath inside a detention facility near the border; she never saw him again. Her last memory is of him crying for her as a door slammed between them.   

Please join RMIAN in continuing to fight these abhorrent policies and help us demand that our country protect the most basic of human rights – the right of a family to be together.

Please donate here so that RMIAN can provide legal representation and social services support to separated families here in Colorado.