RMIAN is the only nonprofit organization in Colorado dedicated to providing immigration legal services to individuals in immigration detention and children throughout the state. RMIAN provides free legal services to people from more than 60 different countries each year through its Detention and Children’s Programs.

As demonstrated in the map below, RMIAN’s impact is global in scope and purpose. Since 2000, RMIAN has served clients from all of the countries highlighted in blue.

I really want to express my gratitude for RMIAN and dedicated lawyers like you. Like so many other people, including prior clients referred to me by RMIAN, this client’s life was changed. RMIAN is there to help secure representation for people who have been abused or tortured, who are economic refugees, or who just need advice about how to navigate the bewildering immigration laws in the United States.

My client was sure to be killed had he been deported to Eritrea. We can all feel that we helped save this man’s life. I have had very few outcomes in thirty-five years that come close to the profound effect that this case has had on me. So I owe RMIAN a sincere thank you for enriching my practice and my life.
— Volunteer attorney Phillip Barber, upon winning his pro bono client’s case and release from detention